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In-progress Projects

Next to my 100-year-old people project, I have two other projects that I have been working for a while and that I hope to finish once I make it back to Costa Rica.

The first one was inspired by my good friend Kenneth Carvajal. He is an anthropologist working for the University of Costa Rica in the Caribbean slope. He has been conducting a research about traditional crafts and the artisans in the area, and he invited me to photograph some of these amazing craftsmen and women. One day, with his research and my photographs we hope to make a book.

Here are some of the portraits I have taken so far.

Known as "Platina" in the neighborhood, he is the tailor.
Saul Obando is a very simple man but an amazingly creative sculptor.
Three brothers and the cousin Jose Molina, the Sojos, run the saddlery.
Following the trade of his father, Carballo also carves wood.
Jose Brenes makes furniture with bambu cane. He also made his workshop out of bambu.


The second project was inspired by my good friend and photographer Jose Lopez, who once told me a funny joke: “What do you always find in a Costa Rican town? The church, the plaza and the bar. What makes the town become a city? The chinese restaurant.” That made think of the important contribution Asian cultures have had in Costa Rica (and all over the world) and I decided to do a project about that.

I have been photographing using my Holga the four elements of a “Costa Rican city” – church, plaza, bar and chinese restaurant – everywhere I go. The photographs are taken with 120 mm film and the four frames are juxtaposed. I also would like to make a book out of this project in the future, but I need to visit many more “cities” and I need to do some research about the impact of Asian cultures in Costa Rican culture.

Here are some sets of photographs that I have taken so far.

Puerto Jimenez, Puntarenas. South Pacific Coast.
Zarcero, Alajuela. Mountains of the Central Valley.
Grecia, Alajuela. Great Metropolitan Area.
Turrialba, Cartago. Caribbean Slope. Two bars where the popular ones in this "city," so I had to include them both!