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As a freelance photojournalist, I have worked for several publications in different kinds of assignments. Also, I have done commercial work with a touch of photojournalism.

You can browse the menu on the right to see some examples of published work in different magazines.

Also, you can click on the following links and see other work that exists in the web.

La Nación

After my trip to the Galapagos Island in 2010, I only publish the work in my blog, but after talking to a friend that works in one of the biggest dailies in Costa Rica, he proposed that I wrote a story for their Sunday magazine called “Proa”. This is the link to the article.

Hotel Villa Roca

This is a great example of how a good work environment is crucial to get great photographic results. For two and a half days, five great models, an art director, the staff of the hotel, a great photography assistant and me, we all had a lot of work to do but we all had fun as we did it. 95% of the images in the website are the result of this fun commercial shoot.

Chef Camille Ratton

The relationship started a few years ago after an assignment for The Tico Times. In several occasions I had the opportunity to photograph the delicious food made by this talented Costa Rican chef. I photograph her first restaurant called Bakea; then I did the photography for her recipes book called “Cook Book;” and last I did some photography for her new restaurant and café called Kalú. In the link above you can see some of my photos used in her actual website. For more food photography of her dishes and other chefs in Costa Rica, go to the Galleries section and click on the Food Photography gallery.