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Some of the clients I’ve had the pleasure to work with in the past. Please send me yours and I will update it soon!

My wife Jeanne and I are avid amateur photographers.  The best teacher of photography that we ever had is Monica Quesada Cordero. Having a fine teacher is important to us because we’re in our 80s, and it’s not that easy for old timers to learn new things that are complicated.  Monica is learned in photography and is an outstanding teacher.  We first met her as the photographic leader of a course we took in Costa Rica about 2 years ago.  There were about 10 students in the group of varying degrees of photographic knowledge and skill.  Monica ran the course so that the students in the group of all levels were able to learn many new things.  She was not only a fine teacher, but has a wonderful nature that makes all of her students feel good and also feel accomplished. After the conclusion of the course in Costa Rica, because of her good nature,  many of the students continued to be in touch with her and with each other. My wife and I can think of no better teacher of photography than Monica.

Jeanne and Dick Lieb

New York, USA

The two photo trips I participated in with Monica were excellent. The first one to Costa Rica focused on about six main concepts I knew about but never seriously practiced. Monica not only taught the concepts in a clear and understandable manner, but spent a lot of time with each of us to ensure that we understood and could use the concepts effectively. Monica further developed some of these concepts on the second photo trip to the Boston/Newport area and added some new tips with the same expertise. Her knowledge of different cameras as well as the necessary computer skills to effectively display and analyse photos was impressive. As a retired high school teacher, I found Monica’s presentations and teaching methods to be far beyond what I had hoped for when I signed up. Her ability to work with adults with very different photogragrahic abilities and very different cameras impressed me greatly. I keep looking for interesting photo trips, but always in the back of my mind is ‘will the instructor be a good as Monica’.

Garry Fell

Orillia, Ontario, Canada

Mónica Quesada served as photographic guide and instructor on a tour I took in her native country of Costa Rica.  She was terrific with her instruction, gearing it well to those who were more expert as well as to those who were relatively new to their DSLR.  She did not hesitate to share helpful critique, but always did so with kindness and consideration.  Mónica also helped us find a wide variety of great subjects to shoot, from scenes to wildlife to the lovely people of Costa Rica, and put us at the right place at the right time  for good light, too.  And she even showed us techniques for using both flashes and flashlights to get dramatic night shots.   She worked us, challenged us, from early morning to late evening, giving us time to work our photos or take some time on our own when light was not ideal.  Mónica is very knowledgable, service oriented, helpful, patient and also a pleasure to socialize with.

Ted Pilonero

New York

Monica is has been my best photography teacher. I was privileged to have her share her expertise, patience, patience beyond the farthest reaches of the galaxy and above all her constant encouragement on a trip to Costa Rica. Monica always found something positive to say about my effort or ability, always was there to assist in camera settings or to answer any questions. Monica is a terrific mentor of positive enforcement.

Vera Resnik

New Jersey

My experience is with two teachers of photography and Monica was one of them. She is a pro who knows Canon, Nikon and Sony inside and out. She is quick to help the novice or the relatively newcomer. She shows them how easy it is to take quality photos. When I met her I was that newcomer who was beginning to take my photography more seriously. And after joining a camera club which she recommended I have really looked at photography in a different way.
Today I am not just interested in taking pictures and she is greatly responsible for that. When I left Costa Rica I had gained a new and better sense of how to use the camera to the best advantage. Her patiences with us was awesome. I thank her for the day in which she putted it all together.

Phil Meginness


Monica is a talented and accomplished photographer and her work speaks to that. What it doesn’t reveal is her extraordinary teaching abilities. We have been fortunate and have taken two workshops with her. Each field experience is preceded by a well-organized and clear explanation of the techniques to be used. Then you are off to take pictures using those new skills. Monica is always close by to help, make suggestions and insure that you are mastering the assignment. Both of us have left the classes better photographers.

Linda and Dick Wolk


Monica is a natural teacher who can take any photographic concept and explain it in terms anyone can understand – something very important to an occasional photographer like me! She is patient, talented and has endless enthusiasm. Monica went out of her way to make sure that the learning experience was as interesting as possible and included cultural aspects as well as technical. She is a professional in every sense of the word and I hope to learn from her again in the future.

Carol Phillips

Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada.