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Learn Photography

I have said this before… Photography is too much fun not to like it, even if you only know how to press the shutter, it will always be fun. It is magic! You are capturing time through light… simply magic!

But in order to become a talented magician, you need more than the energy and the passion, you have to understand your tools… that is when photography is even MORE fun, because the results are completely your doing, and not just a stroke of luck.

Every camera does the same thing, so the process of learning photography must start with understanding those general principles. After you have done that, you move to understanding how your particular camera does the trick!

It is very important to create a close relationship with your camera; it will have a lot of strengths and some weaknesses, and you need to know them all in order to work with it in the best possible way. It is not about having the best equipment there is out there (although, if you can, go for it!). It is about knowing your equipment so well that it feels like an extension of your brain… another piece of your hand and eye! 

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