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Lo restante. The Remainder

Parece que ahora si es cierto… estoy en los últimos pasos antes de publicar mi selección de fotos de la India (así es, 8 MESES DESPUÉS!!!, no tiene nombre…) Pero bueno, mejor tarde que nunca. Por ahora sólo quiero hacer honor a algunas fotos que no lograron el corte final pero que igual me llegan […]

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Seriously… En serio…

This is really hard. I have so much stuff, all so different… And for those who know me, when I said that I am the worst editor in the world… I meant it. So, I had some nice stuff on the Sun, here is a little essay I put together, and this is as far […]

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Ya casi viene India. India is coming.

This is my camera bag. Este es mi bolso para la cámara. Desde que lo compré en Octubre pasado, SIEMPRE está conmigo. Since I bought it last October, it is ALWAYS with me. It was with me in Varanassi, India, when I took the photo of the chess players and it was with me in […]

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A new face, A new start. Una nueva cara, Un nuevo comienzo.

When I started writing this blog, almost 6 months ago, I wanted to share my experiences in India whit the ones that stay behind. Now I want to share my experiences in photography, whit however whats to read them, comment on them, discuss about them and make positive criticisms.

So, let’s start all over again.

And this time I will do it by keeping my promesses.

Cuando inicié este blog, hace ya 6 meses, quería simplemente compartir mis experiencias en India con aquellos que se quedaron atrás. Ahora quiero compartir mis experiencias en fotografía con todos aquellos que quieran leer sobre ellas, cometar, discutir y hacer críticas positivas.

Así que, empecemos de nuevo.

Y esta vez, lo haré cumpliendo mis promesas.

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First ones out! Los primeros listos!

The first photo essays out of my India trip are ready to be seen and positively criticized! Go see them on my website! Los primeros ensayos de mi viaje a India están listos para ser vistos y criticados positivamente! Ve a verlos en mi website! MADAM! ONE PHOTO PLEASE! After lots of thinking and […]

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Madam! One photo please! — It continues… continua…

So… two more pictures… We are now up to 30… and I need to chose only 5!!! Any final suggestions??? Entonces… dos fotos mas… Ya llevamos 30… y necesito elegir sólo 5!!! Alguna sugerencia final??? 29. 30.

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Wedding Crashers

Yes… I have become an Indian Wedding Crasher! One of my main goals on this trip was to photograph an Indian wedding… I ask everybody around if they knew anybody getting married so I could attend the wedding, but had no luck. Then, a very nice Indian guy that I meet on the plane said […]

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"Madam! One photo please!" — comments!

Hi! If you are having trouble posting a comment on the blog… send me an email: Hola! Si esta teniendo problemas para postear un comentario en el blog… mandeme un email: GRACIAS! THANKS! mo.

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"Madam! One photo please!" — IT CONTINUES! ¡CONTINUA!

This photo was taken by my friend Karim last Thursday, we decided to take a walk at the Old Fort of Delhi. Of course, been late in the afternoon and a place where Indians pay $0.09 to get in, it was pack with locals and lots of them ask for their picture taken… Once more, […]

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Madam! One Photo Please!

I am walking on the streets of Delhi and every so often I would here somebody come and say “Madam! One photo please!” Indian people are facinated by the cameras. Some of them want to ask for money after the photo (they never get it from me because I never ask to take the photo […]

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Some videos of Delhi's streets

Mis habilidades como videógrafa son limitadas, pero igual lo estoy intentando… aqui hay unos cuantos videos q tome ayer en las calles de Delhi desde un autoricksha… My habilities as a videographer are really limited, but I am trying anyways… here are some videos that I took yesterday of the streets in Delhi from an […]

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Old Delhi + Good Light + A Camera = Happy Monica

Saturday morning, my new friend Haran, an India photographer, took me to discover Old Delhi with early morning light and less people… The idea, to photograph the elections movement. By noon, I had just a few election pictures, but lots of nice stuff from this area. Here is some of it! El sabado en la […]

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