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Why MQC Photo

Like I said at the beginning of this section, today’s world of photography is filled with options. We can find photographs of almost anything with very little effort.

So, why hiring a photographer?

It could be me or any of my colleges, but the reason is always the same, quality! You will get the images that fit exactly what you need, not just some that almost do.

Now, why hire me and not somebody else?

I consider my photography a fine, detail, hight quality product. You can be certain that I will get you the product you need. As prove of that I invite you to look at the Journalism section, where there are a series of published work and links with my photographs.

But, besides the technical quality of my work, I am a people person. I will ensure that, whether on a commercial or editorial assignment, the work environment is enjoyable and easy going. When people are comfortable while being photograph – and when the photographer is comfortable when photographing – only good photographs can come out of it.

Also, I am a creative person. Give me the freedom to explore and I will come up with funny, interesting photographs, that will give the assignment a special note. 

If you are looking for a photography instructor, I am what you need. I am a good student, and because of that, I know what a good teacher should be like, and I try to live by the example. I am patient;  I take the time to listen and get to know my students, so I can find the right and creative way to explain the concepts in a way that each person can understand it, we are all different, and I value and respect that.

I invite you to visit my Learn section, where there are some testimonials of people that have traveled and taken classes with me. Also, there is a gallery with their work, which I am honored to show.

Scan the section on Photo Glossary and Photo Tips, and if after all that you want to take a class or workshop with me, look at the options I have there and let me know if you want to join! If none of them fit your needs, contact me and we will make it work for you.