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My Equipment

I started photographing in 2003.

Never before had I had an SLR camera in my hands… Well actually, only once. I was maybe 10-years-old. My dad let me hold his SLR to take a picture of a waterfall. He mentioned that I had pressed the shutter too strongly and that since the film was such low ISO, I was probably going to have some motion blur in my photo caused by the movement of the camera. Of course, back then that is not what I understood but now I remember the event and agree with my dad’s concern!

13 years later I asked him to borrow the same camera, but this time it was for good! I started photographing with my dad’s old school film camera Canon T70, his 50mm f2.8 and his 70-200mm f4-5.6.

A few months later the body broke, so I had to continue my two years of full-time education with a Canon AE-1 Program, which I still have along with the lenses and a special addition of a 24mm f2.8.

Now when I shoot with film I do it with my toy cameras (Holga and Diana) but I still keep my film camera with me, hoping for an irresistible film project to appear in my imagination so I can put the beautiful and lovely old lady back to work!

When the time came to change from film to digital, I could not break my loyalty to Canon… many tried to convince me, but no one succeeded… I actually managed to convince other people to move to Canon, something that they thank me for up to this day!

I started photographing with the Canon 10 D (it was 2004), moved to the 30D two years later, and got the 5D MarkII two years ago.

I love my camera body. I do not feel the need or desire to change it for any other camera. At this point there isn’t anything out there that could do better for me…

My lenses have been the same since 2004, they are all Canon lenses.

16-35mm f2.8

simply a wonderful companion for documentary and journalism. It is perfect for tight corners and it gives you the opportunity to get really close, which will make your photos better according to Capa.

70-200mm f2.8

such a versatile lens, great for nature photography (if the subject is not too far away), amazing for portraits, perfect for photojournalism assignments. It is just so sharp and light enough that you always want to take it with you.

100mm f2.8

such a beautiful Macro lens… Sometimes I wish it had the image stabilizer but at the same time it is small and light. It has also become my documentary telephoto lens, because like I already mentioned, Robert Capa made it clear that if our pictures are not good enough it’s because we are not close enough, so I always try to get close.

28mm f1.8

this is my latest acquisition. Very small, light, bright lens… Yes, it is not perfect, the images are a bit blurry on the edges, but for documentary photography it gives it a feeling that is very special and for nature photography it’s great for getting creative… I will also use it for food photography, but have not yet had the chance.

Flash is also an important element in my gear. I have the Canon 580EXII and two of the Canon 430.
I love to make a miniature photography studio with the flashes with the help of the Canon infrared trigger ST-E2, but I think it is time to move on to radio triggers.

Another inseparable companion is my tripod. This is still a work in progress. I am happy with the legs, finally got to buy a carbon fiber one, light and tall! Just perfect. But the head is still not perfect. I have a ball head, but it’s not strong enough to hold my 70-200 as steady as I would like it… anyways, I will have the chance to improve that part at some point in the future.

This is my gear family. I want to add maybe another body and a longer lens, but so far, the kids have never failed me!