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MQC photo tour – Sept 2013 Workshop

Life has kept me very busy lately. Between planning and leading photo workshops and tours, and my photojournalism work, I have been too busy to work on my website, but I hope to change that a little bit in the next couple of weeks.

I must tell you that I am very thankful to all the work in journalism and workshops that I have been doing lately because it has reaffirm the kind of photographer I love to be.

September was a successful month with a wonderful group of people that came down to travel around Costa Rica with me, we photographed and learned together, and they went back home with a great image of my beloved country, in their minds and in their images.

Sue, an amazing writer with a great eye for photography wrote a poem for me. I was so touched by it that I decided to share it with you. It says:

Like the leaf cutter ant,
you work hard taking photography students to all the best places in Costa Rica.

Like the macaw,
you enjoy hanging out with a group and you know how to keep it together.

Like the spider money,
you have a spirit of fun and playfulness.

Like the jaguar,
you have a fierce spirit and it is for the betterment of Costa Rica’s land, people and animals.

Like the spider,
you know that females are very important and sometimes need to be bigger and stronger.

Like the morpho,
you brighten whatever place you are in and you are beautiful.

And like the sea turtle,
may you live 100 years and always return to the land of your birth.

Thank you so much Sue!

Also, here is the slideshow with the photos we took during the trip. I hope you enjoy it!

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