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Yellowstone in less than one day

Driving into the National Park, wishing to make it to our campsite and enjoy a nice dinner in the “wild,” we run into some “traffic!”
But we manage to pass the slow driver!
With only a few hours the next day, we woke up before the sun did and drove to the Lamar Valley, but stop for this amazing view that to me summarizes what Yellowstone is all about.
The colors of summer.
Morning light and a forest that recovers from natural changes.
As we looked at wolves and a grizzly bear with a spotting scope, this funny friend walk in front of the group… Of course I followed him and manage to get this photo as it cross the street through a drain.
Lunch break with the Ground Squirrels.
A hungry coyote walking right next to the road on our way out of the park.
And there was a huge group of people looking… we knew we had to stop… this beautiful elk sat there and I guess he was hoping nobody could tell him apart from the trees. Can you?
We left Yellowstone behind, hoping to come again soon to see how its beauty changed and grew.

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