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Teton National Park on a Point-n-shoot

I had the wonderful opportunity to hike up to the lower saddle of the Teton National Park a couple of weeks ago. I was supposed to make it to The Enclosure, the second highest point in the park, to witness a wedding, but it was too much for me…

I knew from the beginning it was going to be a very hard hike, so I didn’t even though about taking my entire camera gear with me (food and lodging had to be carried up too), but I have been having so much fun with my point-n-shoot lately that I was content relying only on the little G11. Once more, we bounded and had fun, and the results were good enough to show them here and hopefully do more with them latter on.

Half an hour into our walk we saw the one thing I was hoping for… a bear. This black bear was eating berries right next to the trail. I zoomed all the way in (and still had to crop 20% of the photo) and compensated positively so the bright background didn’t make my bear a dark thing in the foreground… I could have stayed there photographing for hours, but we had 4 more hours of up hill hiking, so I had to leave the amazing photo subject behind.
And I’m not lying about the up hill hiking, and the carrying… Here is the wedding party.
A view of the Middle Teton from the trail. We camp right at the bottom of that amazing rock. A slightly negative exposure compensation help me get the right colors and saturation in the areas that were right in the sun.
Little animals dominate the highlands of the park. This cute chipmunk stop for a couple of photos, but I never got to get close enough.
The powerful mountains shadow the valley of Jackson late afternoon.
Unlike the chipmunk, this marmot did let me get really close to it, I was very please to be able to fill my frame with it!
Macro photos with a point-n-shoot are just so much fun! Here is a very small wild flower looking almost the size of the gigantic rocks that surrounded it.

It was not the right time of day to try and get the silky effect in the water… it was too bright for that. But the clouds cooperated a bit, and I put my ISO to 80 and my aperture to f8 and I activated the neutral density filter that comes with the camera, and got a slow enough speed (1/30″) to get the effect and still be able to hand hold the camera. The ice in the back eventually turns into the river in the front.


Reflections in sunglasses… they are not going to win an award, but I love them! Specially if they are in my husband’s glasses! 😉
It was a great experience and the point-n-shoot stood up to the challenge!

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