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Learning and Looking into the Future

Always looking up, reaching for the sky trying to get some enlightenment.

Today it’s the first day in months that I take a day off… A day off from regular life. I am doing things that I haven’t done in months…

I listen to music at very high volume and then I sang (I will sing some more later!)…

I haven’t sit at my desk at all, and I looked at Facebook and payed attention to the updates. But, I don’t think I will do that anymore…

I browsed the Internet, with no direction and no expectations, I just move from one place to the other, and looked at things that were interesting… And as I was doing that I got two great advices from two amazingly creative women that are great at two things that I love to do the must after taking pictures: music and writing.

I want to share the advice with you all. This is kind of the begging of an explanation to what will happen with my campaign and with my centenarians project after July 6.

You should all know that when the time for the fundraising is done, all the money that has been given to me goes back to the original owners. Yes, you will all get your money back, that was part of the deal, only if I manage to raise the whole amount I would get the money.

So, here are the two advices, first from Fionna Apple, and then from Elizabeth Gilbert.

1. I give up, but in a very happy way! So it is a good thing!

I have learned so much… and I know it can be done, I know it more than ever. But it wont be in a perfect and smooth way, it will take more work and dedication and some extra efforts, and other paths and other jumps.

It has been wonderful to have so much support and so many people reacting in such a positive way to my project.

Lesson learned.

That been said, next advice…

2. I will shop up for the job every day, let’s hope the genius shows up too!

The project is not cancelled, it will only take a different path. I will try some grants, I will reach for private funding, I will reach for a publisher, I will do whatever it takes, and one day it will be real!

I am giving all I have to this project, I have given all I have, I will not stop. And I know that one of this days, the genius with the amazing idea of how to fund it will put that idea in my brain and it will all be good.

But no matter when it happens, I will show up for the job every day. I already have four families waiting for me to show up in Costa Rica and honor their centenarian and that, I will do.

I am not afraid! and Ole! Ole!

So Thank You! Thank you all that supported the project, thank you all that shared the project and spread the word and are still doing that… thank you because my heart is filled with joy and love!

Here is the TED talk by Elizabeth Gilbert in case you want to get inspired too:

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