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February 2012 – Client’s Photographs

Photograph by Garry Fell. Such a beautiful photograph! Garry was experimenting with long exposures at sunset at the Beavertail Lighthouse in Jamestown, Rhode Island, October 2010.


Photograph by Phil Muginness. A Red Eyed Tree Frog in Costa Rica, great job capturing not only the eye but also the blue color in the torso of the frog.


Photograph by Ted Pilonero. Ted is a very talented, knowledgeable photographer from New York who traveled with me in Costa Rica, but did not really need my help! In this photograph he has been experimenting with alternative lighting. Go see his work at his website:


Photograph by Vera Resnik. Silky Flycatcher in Costa Rica, probably my favorite bird. Vera did a great job with the background. It helps to bring the bird out but at the same time, since the colors are so similar it almost look like they blend together... a heavenly feeling!


Photograph by Dick Lieb. Dick visited the Bronx Zoo and got this energetic photo of a Pelican. Dick has been experimenting with different kinds of advance point and shoot cameras to find the perfect combination of weigh and performance. This photo was taken with the Leica V-Lux 20. Dick is not happy with the performance of this camera, so we hope to hear about the next try!


Photograph by Jeanne Lieb. A Green Violet-ear hummingbird in Costa Rica. A great photograph of a very difficult bird to photograph! And she took it out of the hummingbird set up that we always use when traveling in Costa Rica.


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