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Costa Rican Centenarians Project – looking for funding!

It all started when my great-grandmother turned 100. It was 2006.

Now I want to make a book and a short documentary about Costa Rican Centenarians that will inspire people to feel good about aging.

The book will be

120 pages with portraits of 101 Centenarians

and a short text with his or her story

… I want people to see the faces of this great people and say “I want to be that happy when I am old!”

The documentary will have their voices, their expressions, the experience of Costa Rica. Here is a teaser of what it could be like:


It is very expensive to wonder around Costa Rica finding 88 Centenarians. And it is very expensive to print the book.

PLEASE, got to my fundraising campaign at INDIGOGO and help me with whatever you can to make this a reality! I will be forever thankful!

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