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Costa Rica Behind the Scenes – Experience 2

A yellow-crowned night heron posses for us after a few minutes of our first boat tour inside the National Park.

We left the central valley behind and went to one of my favorite spots in Costa Rica… Tortuguero!

Boat rides and walks help us discover great photo opportunities. I was helping a lot my travel companions, so I don’t have much great stuff to show… but wait until I show you theirs!

Kingfishers and I have a little fight going on… they never let me get close enough to take an actual good photo… but this time this little fellow was nice to me!
But nothing like this Green Heron… it allowed us to photograph it from every single possible angle…
We spent some time learning from each other about night photography… Here is a good enough photo… I should have stayed up and do more, but I was lazy and went to bed… well, I was a bit tired…
Two tiger herons were displaying and trying to mate… We got to photograph a lot of their interactions.
I love this picture of a land turtle, the background is what makes it special for me. We got a couple of this nice creatures posing for us.
I have never seen so many spider monkeys in my life… they were all over the place. I love this photos of a young one.
Reflections are so special in Tortuguero.
We left Tortuguero behind and now a new adventure starts in the beautiful area of Sarapiqui… another special place in Costa Rica.

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