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Costa Rica Behind the Scenes – Experience 3

Today is the last day on our tour. We head back to the central valley with very tired cameras, filled computers and hard drives and happy hearts.

Our last stop was Sarapiquí, where we got to photograph from White Tent Bats to Pineapples!

Here are my favorite photos of the few I took. Soon to come, the best from the four people that joined me in this great adventure.

I have been to Alvaro’s farm four times now… It is always a great experience… I know that this man loves his animals, loves to talk and feels really proud of who he is, where he comes from and what he does. But, could you believe me that I do not know his last name…
One of Alvaro’s friends flying. Scarlet Macaws.
During our time in Sarapiquí we stayed at Hotel La Quinta. They have a very photogenic resident caiman, among many other great photo opportunities.
But on our way there we found this great little friend crossing from one tree to another using the power lines… Two Toed Sloth.
We learned about pineapples and cacao on this trip… And we ate as much as one can of both. Photo opportunities were very good too, and they were people photography, my favorite kind!
Did you know that cacao fruit looks like this?
At la Tirimbina.
The special treat of the trip. White Tent Bats at La Tirimbina.

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