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Costa Rica Behind the Scenes – Experience 1

The photo tour “Costa Rica Behind the Scenes” it’s on the way and we are having fun!

The past couple of days we lived the Experience 1: The celebration of the 191 Anniversary of the Independence of all of the Central American nations.

Costa Ricans are proud of their history and they celebrate this day like no other. Everybody has been preparing for many weeks and months to be part of parades, civic acts and ceremonies.

Here are some of the photos I have taken during our trip.

Before attending the celebrations, we spent some time in the Central Market. This white hat just caught my attention and I had to take this photo.
The torch of freedom came to Heredia and people were waiting with flags, performances and lots of excitement.
The Freedom Torch outside the cathedral of Heredia.
And then the lanterns came. It was raining, so there wasn’t that many lanterns, but even so we manage to get a few really good images.

Creativity is the most important thing to have when it comes to lanterns.
But the main event was the Independence Parade. We went to San Isidro of Heredia, looking for a charming town and a good sized parade (not to small not to big) and we found it.
People from all ages came to watch.
This girls were screaming and dancing with so much energy that I tried to capture the intensity I was looking at… I hope I did.
Some others were not as energetic, but they stay to witness the whole show.
We were lucky, it wasn’t too hot, but it was still hot enough to enjoy a copo.
And of course, in San Isidro there must be oxcarts on the special events.
The parade ended with happy faces!
On our way out, we ran into this beautiful lady and her impressive plant collection.

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    mi preferida es la de la campesinita con los papás atrás. ¡Demasiado!

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