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Archive for May, 2010

Giant tortoise! Tortuga gigante!

Before I tell you all about my experience with giant tortoises at the Charles Darwin Station in Puerto Ayora, I must tell you GREAT news. Remember the last post when I mentioned “The Post Office” in Floreana island, and I told you that I could not imagine getting my postcard any time soon. Well, while […]

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Galápagos. Isla – Floreana – Island.

Nuestra visita a la isla Foreana se dividió en dos partes, en la mañana fuimos a Punta Cormoran y en la tarde visitamos la famosa Post Office. La visita a Cormoran fue fabulosa. Llegamos a la isla super temprano y por eso disfrutamos de su paisaje sin interrupciones. La playa fue la primera que visitamos […]

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Galapagos. Isla – Española – Island.

The third day on our trip in Galapagos we visited Española Island. This is the oldest and the southernmost island in the chain. Because of this particularity, many interesting things happens with the wildlife in this island. For example, Marine Iguanas here have a reddish color in their skin, something you do not see in […]

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Galápagos, segundo día, second day.

My second day in Galapagos was a very interesting one, on a personal level. First, I forgot to change the time on my alarm, consequently I got up one hour earlier than I had to, and not only that, I woke up two of our tour friends, Carole and Jordan, also one hour earlier (I […]

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Galápagos… finally… finalmente

On Sunday we started our way down (from over 9000 feet to cero!)  to the Galápagos, even though this might seam like a total adventure it was pretty easy, a little over an hour on a plane and we were in Baltra Island, where the Galapago’s airport is located. The airport is pretty simple, the […]

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