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Seriously… En serio…

This is really hard. I have so much stuff, all so different…

And for those who know me, when I said that I am the worst editor in the world… I meant it.

So, I had some nice stuff on the Sun, here is a little essay I put together, and this is as far as I have got it till now…


Esto es muy difícil. Tengo tantas fotos, todas tan diferente…

Para aquellos que me conocen, cuando digo que soy la peor editora del mundo… Digo la verdad.

Pero bueno, tenía unas fotos buenas del sol, y esto es todo lo que he podido hacer, hasta ahora…

U Indiana Photo-Geo Tour


U Indiana Photo-Geo Tour

U Indiana Photo-Geo Tour


U Indiana Photo-Geo Tour

U Indiana Photo-Geo Tour

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  1. Hanit Vairagi says:

    Dear Monica,

    I hope you are doing, I am so glad to see your work and I am also upset that I didn’t learnt anything from you.

    You are doing great work, hope one day I’ll be able to click some shots with you.

    I am learning photography be my own, I saw your tour information and I must say it is so fascinating. I wish I could join but it is so expensive and moreover its hard me to take out the time.

    But really I would like to wish you all the best wishes from my heart for your great work and life.

    If possible keep in touch.


    Hanit V

  2. mqcphoto says:

    So nice to hear from you and thank you for spending time in my website!
    I have been really busy traveling around and studying more… you know, that’s the life I want!
    I am so glad you are learning photography! If you have questions, let me know! and keep looking at the site, I have different tips and information on the Learn section, they might help you learn more! And yes, the CR tour looks expensive… what can I say… CR is expensive specially if you compare it to India!
    I always think of my time in India, I have so many GREAT memories! Did you see the photos about India that I have in my essays?
    I’ll be in touch!

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